Find your Purpose live your Passion

“Wow, I’m really enjoying planning my future!”

Life in Sight is a course based on the proven system called Shaping Purpose® and the Purpose Map™ offered in different formats to suit your lifestyle

  1. 12-week online self-paced
  2. 12-week online facilitated
  3. 12-hours in-person over three or four-day sessions
  4. NEW! Weekend Masterclass


This course helps you create the mindset, beliefs, and conditions to make the changes in your life that you want, but haven’t been able to do on your own.

Cure Indecision & Replace Doubt with a Plan


Imagine knowing exactly how to figure out what you want, and how to get there?


Imagine living a purposeful life with clarity and a passion for what you do.


Imagine knowing how to work out any decision with confidence.


03Be Understood

Imagine knowing just what to say and speaking clearly with your partner, family, friends and employers.


03No Regrets

Imagine coming to the end of your life knowing that you lived your best Life, no regrets.


What if there was a way to find clarity?

03Dig Deep

When you dig really deep and learn who you are, your gifts, passions and values, and what you want for your health and prosperity, then implement the PurposeMap™ in your decisions—you do something we call Shaping Purpose®.


03Unstoppable Momentum

It’s what gives you the unstoppable momentum to step up and take charge of your life. It virtually compels you to make the best of those big life decisions, and help you navigate the transitions that happen outside of your control.



Life in Sight moves you from indecision to clarity, and closes the gap between you ruminating and living with regret, to taking decisive action, one way or another, so that you can always have your best Life in Sight.


03Help Others

When you implement Life in Sight, and Purpose Map™ for making life decisions, you make life better for you, and the people in your life—your partner, your kids, co-workers friends and clients or employers.


03Fulfill Potential

I hope you can already see how life in sight will completely change how you make decisions, and really bring out what you are capable of—and what your life could look and feel like.

Shaping Purpose® and Life in Sight

Life in Sight: Find your purpose, live your passion, is the online course born out of the need to make the Shaping Purpose® system accessible to everyone!

Life in Sight is available as a 12-week, facilitated, online course.


What You Get

Three months of online content delivered Weekly

Two lessons each week for a total of 24, 5-minutes lessons

Short, to-the-point, engaging, Video lessons created by an eLearning specialist


Tracking objectives to mark your progress

Know where you are, and what you have accomplished at all times.


End of lesson quizzes

Reinforce your learning with memory-inducing review quizzes.

Downloadable activities

A fillable PDF file to easily organize and complete lesson activities.

Private Facebook Group Support

Private group for engaging discussions.

Facilitator Support

Help is just an email away!

By the end of the course, you will have:

Your Gifts, Passions, and Values

A list of your top 5 Gifts, your top 5 Passions and your top 5 values, using special tools to help you pull them out.

Your Life Line

A Life Line demonstrating who you have been, who you are and how your Gifts, Passions and Values have affected your well-being throughout your life.


Well-Being Model

A well-being model that represents your ideals for your Health and Prosperity.



Tools & Strategy

A strategy for moving forward with your life, how you want, when you want, and the tools to get there.



A Life Plan

A life plan for the next week, month, year or more, whatever you are ready for. 



Scientifically Studied and Proven Effective 

The Shaping Purpose® process has been studied by a team from the University of British Columbia. 

The study concluded:

“…produces outcomes desired by participants that appear to be durable over time.”

That is educational tech speak for “It works, over the long term.”


Study Authors

Duncan M. Shields, PhD, Adjunct Professor, UBC Faculty of Medicine.

Jesse Frender, MA, Independent Research Consultant.

David Kuhl, MD, PhD, Professor, UBC Faculty of Medicine.

This study will be available for download in December, 2019.

Other experts agree…

I feel that this is of great value to anybody at any stage of their life wether they are going through a transition because it allows you to do a deep dive into various aspects or elements of your life and you know look to the past look into the future and come out with a roadmap that you’ve committed to of where you want to be and exactly how you are gonna get there. So I think it is of tremendous value to basically anybody.

Dr. Shakeela Khan, PhD

Applied Psychology

“It Provides Clarity”

I think it helps people define the meaning, the thing motivates all of us. I think that people live their lives in a very passive manner, at times really woefully unaware really of what’s guiding their decisions. I think that to help a person live more actively, that’s really what I feel the program would do.

Dr. Ward Yuzda


Your Guarantee

At Life in Sight, we have a can’t-fail guarantee. We will work with you to make sure that you have:

  • A list of your top 5 Gifts, your top 5 Passions and your top 5 values, using special tools to help you pull them out.
  • A Life-Line demonstrating who you have been, who you are and how your Gifts, Passions and Values have affected your well-being throughout your life.
  • A well-being model that represents your ideals for your Health and Prosperity.
  • A strategy for moving forward with your life.
  • A life plan for the next year.

Student Success Stories

Shaping Purpose really helped me to start to plan small things in my life that I could draw happiness from and take some small steps forward. Seeing the small gains at the beginning helped me build and build towards having a more positive outlook and I dug myself out of depression. I was in some dark places for a while.
By the end of the second day, I found out I had an inner compass and was able to identify my gifts, passions, and values that had been buried for so long. I got in tune with things that brought happiness to my life. The program helped me right off the bat because when I got home I realized there were times when I did just need to say, “look I really need just 15 minutes”. So, as a family now, we have a lot better understanding of what I need and what my family needs. It helped us big time and I give it credit for me being here today.

Andrew loved it so much he is now an instructor for us!

Andrew Garsch

Without doubt Shaping Purpose was the missing link needed to propel not only Andrew forward but our family as a whole. Prior to Shaping Purpose Andrew tried so many traditional and non-traditional forms to heal and after years of exhausting every recommendation he ultimately lost hope and was about to take his own life. At that time Shaping Purpose was introduced to him and he decided to attend their 4-day conference. Immediately Andrew had a transformation and one he could continue to build on. Shaping purpose provided Andrew with the tools needed to not only reshape his days, his thoughts, his health, his future but it also reshaped his identity into the person he ultimately is and always was deep at his core. As a family, we have gone from a state of constant worry and stress, to an entirely new way of living and we have Shaping Purpose to thank entirely.

Jesika Garsch

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for me?

This course is for you if you are going through, or considering, a life transition such as:

  • Changing a job or career
  • Going to school
  • Changing relationship status due to loss, divorce, or marriage
  • Retirement or layoff
  • Kids have grown up

This course is not for you if you are not ready to take action, do some work and make changes to your life. 

Can kids take this course?

The Shaping Purpose system has been adapted to a special program for youth that we have available as a classroom course, and more recently, an online course! Contact for more information.
However, the online Life in Sight course, although aimed at an adult audience, is perfectly suitable for High School students transitioning to University. 

Can I talk to the facilitator?

Yes, your facilitator is available for email help throughout the course.

How much does it cost?

After several years and many people completing the classroom version of the program, a thorough, scientific study that proves it works, and several Beta testers completing the Life in Sight online course, we would like to extend a special celebratory offer of only $497, (80% off in April, 2020 Only $99) for the DIY version of the course. 

This facilitated course is $2497 and available only at specific times. The next run will be in June 2020.


Remember the #1 Regret of the dying…

“I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”1

Be courageous. Before time runs out.

Register now for Life in Sight.

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it’s yours.”

― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

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